Dhitos Consultants (A unit of Dhitos Professional Services Pvt. Ltd.) is a training and development organisation where we conduct various Job Oriented Practical Training Programs for Advanced Excel / MIS / Business Analysis / Data Analyst / Business Analytics / Data Scientist / Data Visualisation / Data Validation and more by Industry Experts.

Best and Advanced Excel Training in Delhi

Knowledge of Excel is a must if you really want to do well in your career. This helps you to reach new heights in your career. This is something basic that a person of any field must be aware of.Dhitos is one of the best advanced excel institute in Laxminagar who help bringing out the best in you. Dhitos is one of the outstanding development and training organization and we come up with classes for many things like, Data Analyst, Advanced Excel, Data Scientist, MIS, Data Validation, Business Analyst, Business Analytics, Data visualization and many more such program.

Get the best and advanced Excel training in Delhi NCR:

If you want to get advanced Excel training in Delhi NCR Then we will provide you with the best classes for the same.We assure you with guaranteed out come from this class. Our fee is not much high and they are not at all heavy in your pockets. We never hesitate in solving your queries again and again. Knowledge of all these will help you excel in career.

Advantages of choosing excel training classes:

  • Good chances of getting hired
  • Arrange the information in an organized manner
  • You will learn about safety and security of data
  • You could present the data in the form of charts and graphs
  • Helps you lean about creation of website

The reason behind advanced excel training in Delhi is quite simple and clear. A person with these skills is always on demand these days in every sector. You will also be likes and loved by your boss in terms of your work and performance. You will be someone who could do every tough work quite easily. You will also be loved by your customer as you create a lasting impression on them. There will be many more amazing results apart from all these.

Advanced Excel: Topics Covered

  • Quick Access Toolbar & Ribbon
  • Excel Options & Status Bar
  • Entering & Editing Data
  • Formatting Cells & Data Validations
  • References & Utilities
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Lookup & Text Functions
  • Date & Time Functions
  • Mathematical & Logical Functions
  • Financial & Other Functions
  • Data Collection & Format Methods
  • Single & Multidimensional Analysis
  • Basic & Advanced Chart / Graphs
  • Pivot Table & Slicer
  • Excel Dashboard Making
  • Case Study and Projects

Advanced Excel: Fee Structure [Download PDF]

Days Course Duration Class Duration Fee (INR)* Course Details
Monday to Friday 25 to 30 (Hrs.) / 3 Weeks 2 Hours / Day 6,000/- Download[pdf]
Saturday and Sunday 25 to 30 (Hrs.) / 1.25 Months 3 Hours / Day 6,000/- Download[pdf]
Sunday Only 25 to 30 (Hrs.) / 2 Months 4 Hours / Day 6,000/- Download[pdf]

Go for combo and get 10% discount on total payment. (* Service Tax applicable )

The reason to join this course / training is simple. Anyone with good Excel skills is always in demand. Your bosses love you because you can get things done easily. Your customers love you because you create impressive things. Your colleagues envy you because your workbooks are shining and easy to use. And you want more, because you have seen the amazing results of Excel and on top of that you want a better career in Analytics.